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  1. Defiant 1 installed in 1977 on quarry stone hearth

    Defiant 1 installed in 1977 on quarry stone hearth

    The flue pipe rises 8 feet and produces the same surface temp as stove top where it exits the stove. Flue surface temp decreases dramatically and enters the chimney at about 120F degrees or less. The hammock comes off the wall in winter and hangs across the living room in front of the stove.
  2. RomanW

    Hearth Query

    Hey everyone, So I'm planning on pouring a concrete hearth, and have taped out the approx dimensions of the hearth on my floor. I've gone just a bit bigger on all the clearances except for the sides, which have 7" more added just to line up with the fauxstone wall. My question is about...
  3. S

    Hearth help!

    I'm getting a new insert and I have 2 questions. #1 My fireplace is natural stone built in 1935. It will never be used as a fireplace again. I need to do some repairs inside of it, as it has a bunch of holes and cracks between the natural stones. Can I patch it up with regular...
  4. Nuthatch

    Hearth Protection for new Jotul F602

    Hi folks, I'm looking through the Jotul documentation for my new F602 v2 and want to make sure I'm reading the hearth protection right. It says under 'hearth protection': "Either of the following forms constitutes approved hearth protection: any UL, ULC or Warnock-Hersey listed hearth board. •...
  5. S

    Full DIY - First Wood Stove - Castleton 2020 Model Soapstone install

    Hello everyone! Over the last few months I have been researching YouTube and reading this forum constantly to learn as much as I can about safety and proper installation / usage of wood stoves. Thanks for all the great info! I am building my own hearth / back wall covering, and installing a...
  6. I

    Alcove Design Help

    Maybe I'm just dense but I can't seem to find a straight-forward answer anywhere for this. Attached is a photo of the "alcove" where my wood stove will sit. Also attached is a drawing of the dimensions. The alcove is 1/4-inch Hardie Backer Cement Board, which covers wood studs and is fastened...
  7. S

    Building hearth for PE Summit

    I am having a PE Summit install in November. I have some questions after researching the forums. Company who sold me the stove told me I need two layer of Micore 300. In my area I can only find Hardiebacker cement board and not Durock. Will Hardiebacker cement board be ok? On top of my two...
  8. Jacklumber

    Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace Build and Install

    I finally completed this project. It's a follow on from a previous thread of last year when I came into the forum asking advice about installing a freestanding stove inside an old zero clearance space. https://www.hearth.com/talk/threads/installing-wood-stove-in-old-zc-space.163487/ It...
  9. K

    Woodstove required clearance question

    I have an Avalon 1250 that I am going to install in the corner of my living room. We recently put in wood floors in the living room and left a space for the size and shape hearth I thought would be required based on my understanding (at the time) of the clearances in the manual and NFPA 211...
  10. F

    Building out space for a replacement Stove... Advice?

    I bought a very old house, ca. 1710 recently, and one feature it has is a wood stove. I recently went to light a fire in it, and the whole thing began smoking out of every seam. We used this opportunity to replace it- it was ugly and disgusting as far as wood stoves go, and there had been some...
  11. M

    Building up a hearth on a cement floor

    Hi folks, I'm looking at designing and building a tile (or maybe stone) hearth for my wood stove. Right now, it is resting on a cement floor and I would like to put laminate floor down. So I figure it would be best at this time to build the hearth, then the flooring can butt up against the...
  12. C

    Replacing Hearth with flush tile to floor

    We are retiling our fireplace and you can see what we originally had. We already removed everything back to the original. My question is I would like it be flush to the floor. Would tearing up the first four squares from front to back be a good idea? This is a 92 year old house so I'm not sure...
  13. webfish


    OK, you have decided to get a stove or an insert, and are needing a place to put it. You may already have an existing fireplace, or you may be creating an entirely new installation. This article is intended to deal ONLY with the Hearth, or the floor surface that the stove or insert is sitting...