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Jan 23, 2017
Hi All,

I am new to this forum, while I was trying to find the solution of my problem I came across this forum and it seems very knowledgeable peoples are here. My problem is that I have a hearthstone II wood stove which I think installed in my home by previous owner. While I was using wood stove last year somehow the damper plate broke from the rod and dropped down in the stove. Now I don't have any damper in the stove to control the air flow. which causes woods to burn very quickly when I close the door and when I open the door after some time fire just reduce to zero. My question is can I install chimney damper instead of wood stove stock damper to get the same results?

Any help is appreciated.

Repair the air control damper. That is the safest way to proceed. Maybe @Kevlar_vw can advise on parts?
Damper is sort of easy to replace, and that WOULD be the ideal here. Order from Woodman's Parts Plus, for example, and I think thry still come with instructions.

No reason a cast damper in the pipe wouldn't work, but also try replacing gasketrs in the doors and especially be sure the ash pan door is properly gasketed and is closing properly too. Always an issue in the old II's.

What a great old heater!
Damper replacement is pretty simple, even for a novice handyman. I recommend checking the damper bushing (brass bushing that goes through the stone) to make sure it is ok. If not, replace that as well. Another thing to look at is the top door steel that the damper rests on. They tend to warp. One final thing, usually when the damper goes, so does the baffle. As we wind down in the heating season, maybe its a good time to service the whole stove.

FYI, All the parts I mentioned are available.

Good Luck.
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