hearthstone ii

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  1. J

    Bringing a 1981 Hearthstone II up to 1986 standards

    Last summer I purchased a 1981 Hearthstone II for $300 on Facebook Marketplace. I grew up with one of these model wood stoves and this one, although in terrible aesthetic condition, appeared for the most part to be in good working order. I brought it home and spent a good amount of time cleaning...
  2. W

    Hearthstone II coal shaker grate removal

    I just bought off of Craigslist 2 1980’s Hearthstone II’s, never fires on their original shipping pallets. They both came with the coal shaker grates installed and I am not planning to use coal so I am considering selling the coal kits. I have removed everything except the shaker grate that is...
  3. D

    HearthStone II damper

    Hi All, I am new to this forum, while I was trying to find the solution of my problem I came across this forum and it seems very knowledgeable peoples are here. My problem is that I have a hearthstone II wood stove which I think installed in my home by previous owner. While I was using wood...
  4. modestholdings

    Hearthstone II Rebuild, with Questions

    A couple of years ago I purchased my late grandfolks' place from my dad and aunt. While the house has had many different heating sources over the years, I only remember a 10,000 BTU space heater and the Hearthstone II that has been the centerpiece of the living room since about the time I was...
  5. B

    Hearthstone II retaining nuts for glass door

    I have a Hearthstone II. I am looking for the correct 4 retaining nuts that hold the glass in place in the door. All of a sudden my gaskets failed and the glass was loose. Not a single nut was left in place. I don't remember noticing what held the glass door sandwich in place. Haven't seen...