Englander 24-ACD What size catalytic combustor do I need?

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Nov 21, 2022
Englander 24-ACD/50-SHW24

Manual says 1inch and 3 inch. The housing unit I ordered is apparently 2 inches. Was able to find one to be delivered here on Tuesday. Without the housing unit, it measures 2inches tall inside the stove. I’d imagine it’d be 3 inches? But maybe I’m wrong.
I’m going to double check and measure the housing unit when it comes.
This was asked a couple weeks ago. I think that unit takes the 3" combustor.
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Sounds like I need the 3inch. We can’t measure the old since previous owners removed.
This was asked a couple weeks ago. I think that unit takes the 3" combustor.
Confused by what I’m reading in the manual and what I’m measuring. I got the housing unit today and I guess technically if I measured all the way to the little legs, it’d be 3 inches. But the interior where the combustor sits is only 2 inches? Is it supposed to be higher than the housing unit?

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