Hearthstone III find looking for some guidance!

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Dec 8, 2016
Mountains of CT
So lucky me, while trolling the Internet I found this... how some like me would say a BEAUTY. Cost? Just the gas to pick it up. In my book, I consider that "ahead". So now down to the nitty gritty and hopefully some help from some hearthstone III veterans, or newbies who own one of these puppies... I'm searching for whatever information I can find. I am new to the forum and after searching around as a guest I figured my best bet was to upload some pictures of my own and open myself to anything the community has on here to offer! (Please, please, with cherries on top)

First off I have not yet figured out if it is a cat or non cat?? I have tons of pictures mostly from the bed of my truck. Other things noted, how to clean up the surface rust.. any tips. Looking to make it sparkle again, maybe with a powder coat after a nice clean. Should I take it apart or is it not worth the possibility of breaking parts, and these are not easy to come by at all. If so what I can use to not harm the beautiful soapstone. This is not a instant install, I heat with wood fireplaces but could not pass up this "free" woodstove. I plan to have it freestanding after I give her the old mop and glow. Alright forum surfers, send away! I will be *patiently* waiting.

Side notec I have all the parts *I think* and I know I will have to start with a gasket kit which they sell decently cheap and it's STILL AVAILABLE direct from hearthstone. Other than that I have to door, and a two frames of glass with a holder to keep it on. Handles, etc...

Yet again let me mention newbie here, go easy on me :)

Hearthstone III find looking for some guidance! Hearthstone III find looking for some guidance! Hearthstone III find looking for some guidance! Hearthstone III find looking for some guidance! Hearthstone III find looking for some guidance! Hearthstone III find looking for some guidance!
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It's not a common model and parts may be scarce. There were 2 variations on this stove - manual spin-draft control and electronic controlled. It looks like 1990 was the last year it was made and in 1988-1990 it had a catalyst. Member @Kevlar_vw may be able to supply more info.
Thank you lake girl and begreen for your quick responses! And for whoever moved me to right forum! This leads me to more questions...

Begreen, how can I tell the difference between the manual spin draft and wither or not it was electric controlled?

Lake girl, from the pictures where exactly is the placement of the cat? Is it inside and under the back portion of the pipe that goes to the flu.

I looked up schematics of the fireplace but couldn't seem to figure out the differentiation between the two. Like other have posted about the HS III it's like dead space out there on there on the internet. I just picked it up tonight, and I'll soon be having one of my buddies come over and check it out for further investigation as well. Hit this forum first. *total newbie here*
And thank you for the links to the hearthstone tech, and for the gasket fitting instruction. VERY HELPFUL!

Still hoping to hear a response from someone with refinishing the cast iron?

And someone who know a little about the inside of this puppy, needs a quick clean but can send picture tomorrow evening afterwards for those watching this post*
Refinishing the cast iron parts after complete disassembly is pretty straight-forward. Wire brush the parts. A wire brush on a drill helps. Get the rust off as best as possible. Then wipe down with alcohol, then paint with Stove Brite stove paint.
Do you think it would be worth it taking it apart, feeling nervous on that one...lol (broken parts = more Craigslist scavaging or fabricating)

Feeling inspired with all your helpfulness though... Seems I have my work ahead of me. I'll be sure to post an update before after thread for those who are in my shoes now. Those poor fools (just kidding)
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Read through all the posts here on the Hearthstone stoves ... good info as others have been "poor fools" before you! The one I scanned through mentioned turning the stove upside down to access the nuts on the legs that hold the four corner rods being careful not to turn the rods only the nuts. I know I was watching one fellow re-assemble his Hearthstone (with pics) but can't find the thread off-hand.
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