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    Harman Absolute 63 Metal Expansion Clicking

    Installed our Harman Absolute 63 last February and loved it. Heats all of our 2,000 square foot home. Recently I have noticed a clicking sound when the fire ramps up and then calms back down. Had the dealer come out and said it was normal metal expanding and contracting. I’m adamant that I have...
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    Harmon Absolute 63, 43 users: Questions

    Hello, I just purchased a new Absolute 63 to replace my 10 year old Dansons Group V-200 Bay free standing unit. The V-200 served us very well with some refurbishing at the 7 year mark. It was a little too noisy and no glass blower. Enough on the old let's talk the 63. I have not hooked it...