Harmon Absolute 63, 43 users: Questions

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New Member
Hello, I just purchased a new Absolute 63 to replace my 10 year old Dansons Group V-200 Bay free standing unit. The V-200 served us very well with some refurbishing at the 7 year mark. It was a little too noisy and no glass blower. Enough on the old let's talk the 63.

I have not hooked it up yet but I noticed the weight difference immediately with a pop in a muscle in my lower back on the 3rd move to it's final position. I did have help lifting unit, another mid 40's over the hill buddy! Note to all, this unit is HEAVY!

I'm looking for any 63 (or 43)owners to tell me if they're unit was delivered with a combustion fan cover? Located behind the ash pan. Mine was not. Nor is it listed in the unpackaging list . I'm guessing they figured it was not a necessity and possible vibration/noise maker? I have not heard back from dealer I purchased from, The Black Swan in Newtown CT. They have been excellent and pricing was under list with use of coupon from Harmon site. Along with NO tax being out of state . Hour drive 1 way worth it.

Next question has anyone heard about the App Harmon will supposedly be coming out with? The first dealer I went to in NY said the Touch screen stoves will be App controlled if so desired in the near future. I was wondering HOW soon?
Thanks in advance.


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May 5, 2017
Miller MO
You definitely should have a cover although it doesn’t completely cover the fan (see the picture below). No solid timeline on the app. They are moving that direction on the new Quads and Harmans, but they haven’t given us dealers a date yet.