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    Proper Air Control & Throat Flue Damper Operation for an old Fisher Insert

    Hello! New member / First time poster. First off, thank you for your website - it is full of excellent advice and has been a tremendous resource to me! I have a question about best practice / most efficient use of the air controls and flue dampers on my “old” Fisher wood stove insert...
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    F 500 V3 Oslo: Air control lever no longer connected

    On about the 6th burn of this stove (not counting break-in), my air control lever on the center front of the stove is now completely loose, with no light resistance felt before when I could increase or decrease the airflow. It seems left in a medium setting, which does not allow control of the...
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    Vogelzang ponderosa air control question

    I have a ponderosa that I have used for about 2 weeks. I have no experience with an epa wood stove. My parents had a classic so my comparisons are with that. I feel like there might be something wrong with mine because it is eating thru my firewood so quickly! Also because adjusting the dampers...