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  1. A

    Asbestos in STACK Vista 640 gasket

    Hello everyone. This Is my first thread. I write you from Italy. In a Mountain house I found a STACK VISTA 640 heater and i soldi likes ti know if the two gaskets are made of asbestos. The color Is White (look at attached photo). I bought this heater at early 1990'. I Hope sincerly you can...
  2. S

    Olympic Franklin '49' Stove - Seeking Repair/Hazard Information

    I am trying to learn more about this stove and ask for advice about a couple issues with it. Is there any way to find out the age of this stove? I understand this is an Olympic Franklin stove and it is marked '49.' I've included a photo of this. The house was built in 1957 and it's possible...
  3. flyingarmstrong

    Fire box material

    I just installed a used Century Heating 2500x insert. I thought my fireplace was masonry, however if I pound on the brick inside the firebox it does sound like it isn't solid brick behind it. I cut the old damper handle guide right before it attaches to the damper in order to get my liner to...