aspen c3

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  1. bikeshopguy345

    Did I buy the wrong stove?

    The situation: I live in North MS in a 1500sq.ft. ranch style home. We are on our first season with the Vermont Castings Aspen C3. We bought the stove with the intention of supplementing our 3ton heat pump central unit when the temps get below freezing. We really like the stove. It looks...
  2. M

    Vermont Castings Aspen C3 Misses the Mark

    Installed my brand new VC Aspen C3 last month and I’m not impressed. Let me start by saying the advertised burn time of 10 hours is false advertising. Packing the firebox full at night will get you 4–6 hours. I would love to know where they came up with 10 hours. Getting a fire started is...