auger feed rate

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  1. M

    York insert St. Croix stuck on high

    I have a ST. CROIX York insert that just started burning only on high. It’s about 12 years old. I can change the settings but it doesn’t effect the burn rate. I’m hoping for a lower cost solution. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.
  2. J

    Could it be the Control Board? Inconsistencies in Pellet Feed on Englander 25PDVC-55SHP10

    For quite awhile, I was having trouble with my Auger Motor speeds, due to having incorrect motors. Finally got it swapped out & the stove was running like a CHARM for a solid month. Somewhere along the line, it started running hot again. This happened following a routine shutdown & cleaning. I...
  3. K

    Us stove 5500m auger run on /off times.

    I have a US stove pellet stove model 5500m and I'm trying to find the on/off time for the auger. I purchased some continuos cycle timers that can be set from 1sec to 99 min for on and off. But my pellet stove is not working because of a dead board. So I'm trying to see if anyone knows the on and...
  4. PennPellet

    Slow Auger Feed on Harman P43

    Hi All -- long time no post. I've had my Harman P43 since Winter 2014/1015 with no problems. I currently cannot use the pellet stove because the stove is feeding pellets very slowly. The stove starts normally, it starts filling at a normal speed, then suddenly starts feeding very slowly. It...
  5. B

    Fresh Air Intake or Outside Combustion Air

    Hello Everyone: I'm new to this forum and am looking forward to connecting with other users. I'm confused about one issue. I have a Piazzetta Sabrina stove installed in the basement. The dealer that installed the unit didn't put either a fresh air vent or an outside air intake. I'm not sure...