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    Possible thermostat malfunction new Ashford 25

    Just bought an ashford 25 insert, installed by pros this week. I think the thermostat or the thermometer might be malfunctioning, but I’m a newbie so please tell me if I’m being dense. First off, there’s no clear “inactive/active” reading on the thermometer, just grey to red. In the manual, the...
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    Blaze King Princess 32 heating ability?

    My husband and I are looking to install a wood burning stove into our house, and I have been looking at the Blaze King Princess 32. I’ve spent a long time researching, and I see very happy customers all around with the BK brand and particularly the Princess. However, is this stove large enough...
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    Blaze King Princess Outside Air Kit Frost

    I have a blazeking princess with an OAK installed and would like to insulate the fresh air vent pipe to reduce condensation. I’m having trouble finding fire resistant insulation to use. I picked up some foil backed fiberglass duct insulation from Home Depot, took a lighter to a piece of it and...
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    Blaze King Princess (PR-202?) - Looking for Info

    Just bought a house with this wood stove in it. Looking for a little information about it. I couldn't find any plates or markings on the outside to tell me the exact model or production year. Could it be a PR-202? What does the J stand for on the PR-202J? The inside gasket appears to be in...
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    Blazeking SC30 Q about bypass handle

    All has been well for 5 years, except this week: The bypass handle is getting very hard to maneuver. It almost feels like it could be permanently stuck and even though I'm afraid I might break something, I am forcing the bypass handle when closing, but more so when opening. There is nothing...