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    Need help identify wood stove

    This wood stove came in the house I just bought. Have not been able to locate any information. I’ve look inside under and all sides not data label. Can anyone identify this? The house was built in 1977.
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    High Valley 2500 wood burning stove has me worried...

    Hello, I am hoping someone on here can help me with some experience / advice on a catalytic wood insert. I have this High Valley model 2500 insert that I acquired with a home purchase. I have no history on it and have not burned in it yet. FYI, I have no experience with a catalytic wood stove...
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    Help with my Madison wood stove please.

    Hello fellow burners. About two months ago I upgraded my all nighter wood burner to the Madison. Of course I wanted to try it out so I would know what I was doing come winter. No good. It was too warm out. Finally we just started getting some 40 degree nights. I'm having a terrible time being...