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  1. J

    LP Fireplace Insert Not Starting Properly

    I recently installed a KozyHeat Chaska 29 LP Fireplace Insert in my old existing wood fireplace/chimney, and it is having difficulty starting up during cold/windy days. All connections are solid, and I actually fabricated my own chimney cap. With the chimney cap, I used(2) 3" duct 90 deg elbows...
  2. J

    Rebuilding Chimney Conduit after Foundation Repairs

    Hello fellow homebuilders/renovators, I recently had to repair some foundation cracks in my home, which required the removal of a 10-foot brick wall in the basement. As a result, I need to rebuild the wall and, more importantly, reinstall the chimney conduit properly. I have two chimneys in my...
  3. S

    Old Chimney, New Gas Fireplace

    Hi all! I just got a (very high!) estimate for my chimney project, and I'm trying to figure out if there's an easier way to accomplish the same goal, which is a working, vented gas fireplace. Context: I live in an old rowhouse with an original chimney on an interior wall that was at one point...
  4. SoOhioBurner

    New member, former frequent visitor, review of my setup

    New member here, but I used last summer to help me decide what stove to purchase, how to configure my chimney, etc. And I'm glad I did. I purchased a Drolet Escape 2100 last September from MFP and installed it along with a 14' DuraBlack/Duraplus chimney in my mancave which has a...
  5. S

    Chimney Repair

    Hello, My wife and I purchased a house recently with a gorgeous masonry fireplace. The previous owners used it quite a bit, and we are excited to do so, too. The home inspection noted a few small cracks that we knew we wanted to look at, but the inspection the owners had done a few months...
  6. S

    Liner and cap on a 100 year old Chimney with rectangular flue

    I need some advice getting my chimney lined and capped. Per my thread on choosing a stove, I plan on having Jotul F45 or Hearthstone Craftsbury professionally installed by the dealer. However the chimney needs to have the top courses reset, and the dealer is not a mason, so I need to solve that...
  7. T

    Advise on storm collars

    hello to all, Recently discovered that I had a leak coming down my chimney pipe( stainless double insulated 6 inch pipe/ 30 foot) and discovered that the calking has failed around my storm collar. Desided to use leak stopper( heavy tar plastic type material) I was wondering if it is safe to use...
  8. C

    Stovepipe reducer problem -- Rain getting in help!

    Help! I paid a local Anchorage company (Alaska Chimney Sweep) to install my new fireplace insert because Allstate told me it had to be professionally done to be covered. After paying $900+, the installer told me she would get her "sheet metal guy" to fab a part to cover the old stove pipe hole...
  9. L

    new chimney cap

    I have a good quality chimney cap (topping a six inch pipe), but it has a very fine animal-proofing mesh. During our extremely cold winters, the mesh allows creosote to build up. I like having the fine mesh in the summers, since we have bats, flying squirrels, and swifts where I live, but I'd...
  10. L

    chimney cap mesh getting clogged

    I have an Alderlea T4, and burn mostly birch, and much of our winter is quite cold. My chimney cap has a very fine mesh (about 2/3 inch squares), and during the cold weather, a fine growth of soot starts to grow on the mesh. In as little as two weeks, the mesh can get grown over with soot, and...