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  1. Niel

    New Monia: No response on temperature control

    Hey folks, I just installed my brand new Monia. I bought it from a web shop, it came from their show room. The store is not close by, unforunately and said is not possible to have a troubleshoot on location. Luckily i found tis forum with some stove engineers on, maybe anyone can help me out...
  2. MickMorley

    Econoburn Controller Programming Instructions (Primary Circ Temp)

    Does anyone have the instructions on how to increase the primary circulator cutover temperature? It's set to the default 150 degrees right now and I want to increase it to charge my storage. I've been without storage until now. Here is my controller. I don't see any place where it could...
  3. K

    Boiler High/Low Temp Control

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has come up with an elegant way to stop/start a boiler fan/pump when the fire has expired? I'm thinking that I can save a lot of heat by disabling the fan when the water temperature drops to say be low 120F. The way the fan control works now if the boiler is on...
  4. Nofossil

    My Summer Vacation - New Controllers

    I've been away for a while, and really didn't post much last year. Hoping to do better this year, especially since I haven't had to spend a lot of time feeding the boiler ;-) Here's what I've been doing during my summer vacation (and Fall, and Winter) - Contracted an Electrical Engineer to do...