convection fan

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    Enviro empress fpi

    Hi I have a enviro empress fpi purchased in 07. It has been great problem I have the room where it is now gets to hot because I did more insulation in the house and sealed up minor air leaks I have a ceiling fan running and a 20 inch fan running to push the heat out to the rest of the house...
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    Austroflamm Integra pre 2006 Convection Fan

    My mother bought a used Integra a little while ago. We moved into her rental home and she said it was ready to use. It had not be cleaned at all. I didn’t know, so I had turned it on maybe 3 times. After that, the convection fan does no spin. My mother had come while I was at work a couple times...
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    QF Castile Insert - New Control Box: New Problems

    This posting is a follow-up to my posting entitled " QF Castile: Auger Keeps Turning After Call Light is Out." See I installed the new control box after installing the thermo-couple grounding...