Austroflamm Integra pre 2006 Convection Fan


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Nov 20, 2018
My mother bought a used Integra a little while ago. We moved into her rental home and she said it was ready to use. It had not be cleaned at all. I didn’t know, so I had turned it on maybe 3 times. After that, the convection fan does no spin. My mother had come while I was at work a couple times to figure out what happen.
First, she cleaned it and the motor spun really slowly. Then she took it out again, accidentally putting it backwards and the fan spins great in reverse. The motor isn’t seized and free spins by hand.

Yesterday she came and replaced the switches. The fan doesn’t spin at all, not even slowly.

Since I haven’t been there while she’s there I’m not 100% sure what she has tried.

If anyone has any guidance I’d truly appreciate it. It’s my only source of heat.

Thank you.


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Nov 6, 2017
Lorraine NY
You can test the motor buy plugging into a wall socket, you will have to make a test plug out of an old lamp cord. Be carfull it is 120v and will give you a new hairdo. If the fan is slow or sounds strange it may need to be replaced. Did you mom have the motor apart? Can you post a picture of the blower?


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Jan 28, 2008
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If you do not have the manual here is a link to one
you really cannot install it backwards but you certainly can rewire it backwards.
I would go through the wiring portion of the manual and see if that it where problem lies. Making sure the right color wires are going to the correct terminal.