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  1. J

    Insert with cooking capabilities - Lopi Answer?

    Greetings, Our home is just shy of 1300 square feet and we have an existing masonry fireplace that we would like to upgrade. Under normal circumstances, we plan to use a woodstove for supplemental heat. However, with power outages, we would like to the option of being able to heat and cook on...
  2. H

    Help! We have this stove but we dont know how to use it!!

    My girlfriend has this stove in her sun room, but we are unsure if it is safe to use. I will attach photos maybe someone can shed some light on this thing. someone spent a lot of money to have it installed but i am not convinced the people who installed it knew what they were doing. It...
  3. G

    cooking on enamelled woodstove : gasket?

    hello, When I bought my new woodstove (BK Ashford 30, chestnut gloss enamel), I understood that I would be able to cook on it -- or at least boil water, warm food. Once it was installed, I was cautioned *never* to cook on it, or place anything on the enamel stove top. I was very...
  4. My first pot hangers.

    My first pot hangers.

    I made this simple pan display from salvaged saw blades. I consider cast iron cookware to be a necessity for a wood or coal stove, friendships and good comradery.
  5. Triple

    Ice Storm Rumors

    Hello all. I live in upstate NY...WAY upstate! Back in '98 there was an ice storm that knocked out power for nearly 2 weeks, and it is rumored that this year we may get that again. So, being a genius like the rest of you I am not fearful about heat since I too use the best source of fuel...wood...