curing paint

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  1. Jotel me this

    How to cure Stove Bright paint/not hot enough?

    I sanded down my entire Travis Xtrordinair, doors, frame, etc and applied a new coat of Stove Bright paint. It looks brand new. Problem is, the instuctions on the can says it cures through heat. But, theres no way for me to get the front faces of the doors and surrounding face plate hot enough...
  2. M

    Visible Smoke From Paint during first firings?

    i've got a Morso squirrel. During the first 3 fires (I've made them progressively hotter each time), I've noticed a chemical smell and and some smoke coming off the top of the stove. Is this normal? And if so how long will it last? Morso manual acknowledges that there might be a chemical smell...