damper handle

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    1940s Damper Handle Missing

    I recently removed the wood burning insert in our 1946 fireplace and am working on getting it cleaned up before we install a gas log set. I know the damper will need to remain partially open after installation, but I'd like to find a handle that fits the existing damper so I can adjust it...
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    Damper won't function properly

    Hello everyone! I recently felt a draft coming from my friend's chimney and decided to see if I could fix it. It turns out the damper was pushed off track and fell behind the fireplace. I fished it out but now I can't see how to get the damper to operate properly. The handle will push up but...
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    Econoburn 100 - Damper issue

    On my Econoburn 100 I can't push the damper handle in more than a couple inches and I can only move the turbulator arm part way down. It feels like the damper handle is hitting something inside.I have had this unit for 10 years and have never had this problem before. Any ideas?