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    Advice on pending Jotul F45 Greenville Alcove Installation

    We took out an old non-venting propane fireplace to be replaced with a Jotul F45 Greenville. I have a professional installing the stove itself, but I'm building out the alcove myself to receive the stove later this month. I'm hoping for some input and validation on my ideas on this...
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    DIY Concrete hearth pad for Hearthstone III

    Hi, Have a Hearthstone III wood stove I need a hearth pad for. I bought a used 48x48 used hearth pad that all the tiles fell off. I want to put concrete instead of tiles. Could someone please tell me if: A) will the concrete be thick enough? It’s about 3/8” B) if so, should I chip out the...
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    Hearth Pad

    I am making a hearth for my wood stove. The manual says to use 1" millboard or equivalent. I wanted to use fiber board from Menards. It says the r value is over 1 for 1/2 inch. I plan on putting thin metal over this as well for aesthetics. Does this sound appropriate? Menards link below...