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    Hoping to find a manual for an unknown stove - perhaps Efel Arden Harmony?

    Hi, I just moved into a new house and there is an existing Efel wood stove. From what I can find out from googling images, it seems like its prob an Efel Arden Harmony, but its a rear venting model. It's not working very well, it doesn't draw well when its initially lit, and the stove fills...
  2. K

    Info on Lange Wood Stove 6304A

    Hi there! I recently purchased a Lange cast iron wood stove. I am thinking this model was not sold in the U.S. as I cannot find any info about it online. I believe it is model #6304A, this number is on each of the legs. This community has been so helpful that I thought I’d reach out to answer...
  3. S

    Info on and Antique Lange Svendborg 6203

    Hi, I've had this Lange Svendborg 6203BR (I think that's what it is) in my basement for years. I replaced it with a Vermont Castings when I realized the burn plates were bending ;sick .... and it just wasn't big enough for my house. I know almost nothing about it but was wondering if you all...
  4. M

    Enameled cast iron: Pros & cons (besides price)

    I'd be curious to hear from folks who have had experience with both painted cast iron and enameled cast iron. Pluses and minuses for each? Or is it just purely an aesthetics choice. I can only guess: Enamel: easier to clean (+), can chip (-) but I'm told that's difficult to do Paint...