englander 25pdvc

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    Pellet stove not getting hot

    Hey everybody, i hope you all are well and warm, i recently bought a used Englander 25-pdvc made in 2015, i have gone through 3 bags of pellets so far. I feel that im not getting as much heat as i should be, on lowest heat setting (its set on d, 6,4,1) with the fan set on 3 i am getting my...
  2. F

    Question about Englander PU-CB04 diode

    Hi all, I have a 25 PDVC which stopped working. The control panel does not respond when plugged in, but when it is unplugged the LEDs and the digital display flash briefly. Looking at the circuit board there is clearly a problem: at location D6 the diode is gone! It's like it just vaporized...
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    HELP! My PDV25 Englander Pellet Stove has my house pushing 90° on 35° days!

    Looking for some help! My Englander Pellet Stove has been running extremely hot. About 6 weeks ago, I had to replace the top auger. At the same time, I switched pellets to a brand that I used before & also liked. I went from using Lignetics to Instant Heat. Both work great... but i feel like...
  4. G

    Englander Pellet Stove 25-IP Auger not turning

    I have an Englander Pellet Stove 25-IP. When I turn it ON the fans start but the pellets don't feed down. So far I have: cleaned all pipes/vents inside and outside, cleaned the fan, removed the motor and auger to make sure there is no jam or dust, changed the vacuum switch, and cleaned the...
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    punk rock in house pellets

    120 lbs barefoots in our punk rock garbagw can! Love this site ty guys...learned so much here!