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    Hampton GCI60 Troubleshooting

    Hello, my husband and I bought our house with a Hampton GCI60 insert already installed and we love it. However we saw error code #4 pop up and I haven't the slightest idea where the reset switch even is or whatever other issue I should be looking at. My husband said it started to over heat and...
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    Ravelli Mavi Display error: Link

    Hi! I hope someone can help me. My Ravelli Mavi 3-button display died (the on/off button stopped working) and I ordered a replacement. However, when I set the new display in, it just beeps and gives the error message 'Link'. I've checked the manuals, but can't find anything. Thanks!
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    PLEASE HELP - King 5500m Error 5!?!?!

    Hello everyone, I recently got a King 5500m for my pole barn/gym. I have a furnace out there that'll get it up to temp but the King 5500m is out there to maintain the temp once it's there (it's a TON cheaper than propane). I got it and it was very dirty/used. I cleaned everything up (watched...
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    Mt Vernon AE Error Code

    We just bought a used Quadra Fire Mt Vernon AE stove, I hooked up the thermostat and power cord just to see that it works properly and there is the error "Max Drop Tube Temp" on the thermostat. I've read forums on here and it seems to be an error for the flame being too high causing overheating...
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    Ravelli RV80 - Problem: Air Flow Meter

    So I moved into a place in the middle of November that is heated by a free standing pellet stove - a Ravelli brand model RV80. Let me start by saying the stove had some issues when I moved in. The previous tenant (who I am still in contact with) said she enjoyed several years of excellent...