europa 75

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  1. A

    Europa 75 filling with smoke

    Hello, I recently moved into a home with a Europa 75. It was a foreclosure so it Hadn’t been used for a couple years. I’m using wood pellets in it, and I’ve made sure that their dry. The first time I ran it it was earlier in fall and I just wanted to see if it worked properly after I cleaned it...
  2. D

    Parts for Dell Point Europa 75

    Going on year 12 with this stove. I cannot find a supplier for the ash augers, particularly the central auger. If anyone knows a place or if you have one to sell, please let me know. Thanks.
  3. ultrabop

    Auger not feeding--Europa 75

    Hi guys! Yeah, the auger is not feeding automatically, after the pot burns down, and I checked the fuses, changed one, and still not feeding, so am thinking it's the motor. My question is, what's the best way to access the thing, do I have to pull the stove out from the wall? Or can it be...
  4. D

    Dell-Point Europa 75 - feed auger motor loose

    Have used the Europa every winter since 2007 with really no issues. Once you have the right pellet--it likes a clean pellet, I use a softwood/hardwood mix from Michigan called Kirtland--it burns well. This year we have run into our first problem. The feed auger and motor are loose. The whole...
  5. M

    Dell Point Europa 75 thrown pellets

    Have used Dell Point Europa stove for past four years that my husband and I bought six years ago. Haven't sealed it like I should and have no outside air coming in. I live downstairs and my mother lives upstairs. It keeps downstairs about 80 degrees on level one if it is around thirty degrees...
  6. keith0

    Dell Point Feed auger motor europa 75 REPACEMENT NEEDED

    Need a Auger motor for my DELL POINT EUROPA 75 , Keith in Kansas