1. F

    Getting a Heatmaster G200! Whoop! Whoop!

    Well, out with the old and in with the new! After the old traditional boiler, were upgrading to a new gasser! They are suppose to install this weekend or next week so hopefully everything works out for next winter. Hoping this thing will be pretty efficient, were going from a Woodmaster 5500 to...
  2. Karl_northwind

    For Sale Heatmaster G-200 refurb in Wisconsin

    Hey Hearthers, I have for sale a refurbished 2014 model (2 winters on it) heatmaster G-200 Gassifier OWB you can read all the stuff online about the boiler, I don't need to tell you all the awesome things about the boiler. If you look at the webpage on heatmaster's website you are looking at a...
  3. Endangered Species

    New Technology

    If I were to buy a outdoor gasification boiler this coming summer; What are the chances that newer technology will come along in a year or two. I understand things constantly evolve. I don't want to purchase now if there is a real possibility that better units are say a year out. Thanks
  4. HD08Rocker

    For Sale Attack45 furnace

    Attack 45 furnace for sale. $5000 on I. Located in moira ny. Very heavy. Used for 3 years. Moving and renting our house. I don't want to leave it there. Make me an offer.