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    Stove leaking water out of the bottom - Green Mountain 40

    Hi All, I'm hoping to get some guidance, as my wood stove has been doing something really strange lately. My stove (Hearthstone Green Mountain 40) drips a fairly significant amount of water out of the bottom of the stove only when I start a fire. It leaks a fair bit dripping out of a few spots...
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    Green Mountain 40 Odor

    Installed a GM 40 late last winter (2023) after flue inspection, new stove pipe install, etc. The GM 40 replaced an old Wonder Coal we had in the house but we have not used wood heat since 2020. The GM initial burns went well, other than it seemed it is impossible to reload with some smoke...
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    New Woodstover Questions - Green Mountain 40

    Hey everyone, I’m a longtime reader and this is my first post. I want to start off by thanking everyone who regularly contributes to the forums as I’ve used what I’ve learned on here to pick my wood stove (a Hearthstone Green Mountain 40). So far I love it and have had a few successful fires! I...
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    Green Mountain 40 Bypass Door Gasket Rope

    Hello! Looking for recommendations on the best way to reattach this gasket rope to the inside of the bypass door. Not sure if it was originally placed with a sealant or just sat there. Thanks in advance!