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    Stove leaking water out of the bottom - Green Mountain 40

    Hi All, I'm hoping to get some guidance, as my wood stove has been doing something really strange lately. My stove (Hearthstone Green Mountain 40) drips a fairly significant amount of water out of the bottom of the stove only when I start a fire. It leaks a fair bit dripping out of a few spots...
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    Green Mountain 40 Odor

    Installed a GM 40 late last winter (2023) after flue inspection, new stove pipe install, etc. The GM 40 replaced an old Wonder Coal we had in the house but we have not used wood heat since 2020. The GM initial burns went well, other than it seemed it is impossible to reload with some smoke...
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    Sizing for an unconventional home in Northern MN

    Hello, I'm trying to size a stove correctly for our home in Northern MN, near Grand Rapids. It's an 800 square foot floor plan, BUT, with a 300 square foot or so large loft and high ceilings everywhere else. There are also a ton of windows and doors for such a small house. The weather gets...
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    Green Mountain 80 vs 60?

    I just bought a house in mid-coast Maine and am going to buy a woodstove -- I was wondering if you knowledgable folks could help me out! My main question is about size, as it feels like we're between a large and a medium. The house is two stories, about 2000 sq feet. It was built in the...