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    Oxygen diffusion in closed and open hydronic systems

    Hi Folks, I am considering getting a wood fired boiler to help with root zone heating and other hydronic heating needs. I have been reading up on units like Econoburn and Garn and trying to best deal with minimizing oxygen corrosion in theses systems. The basic problem is that I can use pex...
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    Small propane heater for greenhouse

    Hello, I have a greenhouse which is attached to my garage. The greenhouse is 24' x 16' and its insulation is quite high (R38 walls, double-glazed poly, etc.). During winter time, as we are located in Quebec, Canada, it's getting pretty chilly in there. We only want to maintain the temperature...
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    For Sale GARN WHS 2000

    GARN Wood-Fired Hydronic Heater. Used. Very Good Condition. Heated a hydroponic greenhouse in Southwestern PA. Meets all EPA and NSPS Step 2 emissions limit for the year 2020 and beyond.