harman p68

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    Harman P68 Control Board Burnt

    I have a strange issue with a Harman P68 control board burning up on the fuse connector. No other component on the board looks damaged at all. The fuse itself remained intact and still has continuity. Igniter has no sign of damage or arcing, 50 ohms of resistance when cold too. I assume there's...
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    Outside Air Kit touching Exhaust. Is this bad?

    I just had my new P68 installed yesterday, and noticed the OAK line is sitting on the exhaust. Is this going to create any problems in the future?
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    Harman P43 or P68 - Cathedral Ceilings

    Hi everyone! I am trying to decide on which Harman model for my first pellet stove. I will give you some background. My house has a Lopi Liberty wood stove in the basement, which is running pretty much 24/7. I have backup electric baseboard heat. Since I moved in, I have religiously been filling...
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    Harman P68 Never Shutting Down

    Hello, I have a Harman P68 pellet stove that is the main source of heat in my house. In December, the stove began to constantly burn pellets until the hopper empties, regardless of the room temperature. We woke up one morning to a 90 degree house! Here is what I know/have tried: - The stove is...
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    Harman P68 testing igniter, control board & fuse

    Harman P68 igniter is not working. Everything has been cleaned so I’m onto testing the igniter, the igniter leads and the control panel. What specific numbers am I looking for with these tests, where/what do I test on the control board and how do I test the fuse on the control board? Thanks.
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    HELP!!! ( won’t even start anymore)

    I have a Harman P68... worked well the last few years, had a professional clean an install a new igniter ( bought used, never worked) stove shop that installed it is out of business after ripping a lot of ppl off ( pre paid pellets got me for a ton & 1/2) but it’s getting cold an after using the...
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    Looking for a custom built Harman P68 pellet hopper extension!

    I'm not interested in the small one Harman overcharges for. Anybody out there making custom hoppers? Vermont gets cold!