harmon xxv

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  1. MeghonFire

    Harmon XXV-TC

    Hi all, I have had my XXV going on 7 years. Most years I run it as ancillary heat but this winter we have tried to use it to keep the house from using too much oil. So it’s been getting a lot more use. Burning a bag of pellets every 1-2 days. I’ve been doing daily scraping and weekly cleanings...
  2. carnini

    Increase Distribution Fan Speed in Harman XXV

    This is a bit of an odd question, is there a way to increase the speed of my Distribution Fan in a XXV, I have it set to high and it does seem to be pushing enough air into the room but... When on test mode, or start up sometimes the distribution fan seems to go into extra high speed then...
  3. D

    Wet Pellets that have Decomposed into Saw Dust

    I have at least 3 bags of these I found. Wet from Dealer it seems. I fed part of one into my Harmon XXV and everything seems fine. About 10% of the bag. I know it's best to just throw them away. So don't say that. How well does the Harmon XXV handle them? They seem to just go...
  4. D

    Harmon XXV - OAK Kit

    When my stove was installed they used the 2 7/8 alum flex pipe I already had for Wood Stove outside air. It was not in the best of shape and not exactly the right size. Manual calls for 2 3/8 flex pipe. Harmon XXV Air Port works best with 3" flex pipe (fits outside diameter). Why...
  5. D

    Real World 4 Hour Test of Inverter

    Did my 1st real world test of my Backup Inverter today (Sep 24, 64f outside). Stove draws about 102 watts on Medium Speed. 1.02 Amps. Test done to see if this battery is any good and provides power. Inverter will draw it down to Low "battery alarm: 10.5 Vdc-11.0 VDC" On the Surface it...
  6. D

    Harmon XXV replaced combustion blower now it wont shut off

    Hello, I have an older Harmon XXV (chain drive) and the combustion blower failed the other day. I purchased a new one from a local dealer (OEM) newer model (no rear fan blade). I have it installed and working but it doesn't shut off. it continues to run even when the stove is cool or the dial is...