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  1. M

    PM 2000 need some help

    I recently acquired a Pellet master pm 2000 stove and was cleaning it out to get ready for this coming winter. When I removed the top plate to clean ash off of the heat exchanger tubes there was 3 flat metal pieces about a 1/4 inch thick with a 90⁰ bend on each side. It seems as though they...
  2. WarmerWithWood

    Jotul Elg with Heat Exchanger - Model 120

    Located in SW Michigan - Jotul Elg - Model 121 with heat exchanger. Rare find with a heat exchanger! Stove in good condition - needs side baffles and top baffle. They were replaced once and harder to find now. We upgraded to a new PH. Loved the Moose - beautiful and heated our home well...
  3. T

    How do Heat Exhangers work in the Harman Accentra 52i-TC?

    So I cleaned my Harman Insert the first time. I am curious to why the removable Accordion panels are called Heat Exchangers? There appear to be combustion products on both sides. Do the Panels and medallion somebow Super Heat the exhaust air or is there a fresh air exchange I am not seeing? It...
  4. B

    **Help**Outdoor boiler to supply plenum

    Hello I just installed a outdoor boiler my only problem is trying to figure out a way to connect to my hot air furnace inside. The indoor hot air unit is old but works but the problem is my supply plenum is 15wide by 10thick and 26 long there is no water to air heat exchanger that size. Is there...
  5. hearthtools

    A little video I did on annual service on a meridian by Enviro

  6. S

    Heat exchanger setup on stove pipe ?

    I am looking to downsize my electric water heater due to the rates in CT being mind boggling. I currently have an 80 gallon electric heater that I am renting (don't ask, house came with it a few years back). I want to get rid of that $10/month rental payment and lower my electric bill so I am...
  7. N

    Englander 10-CPM not producing much heat

    I have had an Englander 10-CPM for more than 6 years and generally have been very happy with it. Recently, though, the HEAT being produces has dropped significantly. The volume of air blowing out remains strong, just not anywhere near as warm as it has been in the previous years. Am using the...
  8. L

    Heating issue with Fireplace Xtrodinaire36- Elite

    We have had the stove for a number of years and it has worked really well to heat our home. Tonight the air coming out on the left side of the unit is not hot but cool and the temperature in our home is dropping. Has anyone had this problem and what should we do to fix?
  9. O

    Outdoor Wood Boiler to Radiator System

    I have a 4500 sq ft 1850s farm house that I'm renovating. It has approximately 20 old cast iron radiators that were being heated by an Weil McLain propane boiler. I purchased an Earth Outdoor Boiler (505 Montain Man) to try to save on my gas bill. Last year spent $500 to $800 a month to keep the...
  10. Gabriella McConnel

    Heat Exchangers (Stove vs. Furnace)

    Why are heat exchangers so much smaller on pellet stoves than they are on gas furnaces?
  11. S

    Pump sizing when using Heat Exchanger

    To size the pump going between Heat Exchanger and floor slab, do I need to take into account the size of the heat exchanger and potential Btu output of the stove? Regards, Scotty
  12. S

    When to use Heat Exchanger

    Our prior stove had one pump to the heat exchanger and one from the exchanger to the slab. Using an open system, such as the Garn, is there a benefit to going direct? The Garn sits 4' higher than the slab I hope to hook up additional buildings if there is available heat in the future Regards...