1. B

    Help needed with DIY solar kiln control (FAN, etc) for drying wood

    Hi, I could use some help and suggestions on how to best operate a homemade solar kiln to dry firewood. The kiln has insulated bottom, top, back and sides. The front is clear plastic to allow sunlight to enter and heat the black interior. Split firewood is placed on wire shelves and a small...
  2. M

    Ambient humidity - does it affect firewood? (Newbie)

    Hi all. I searched the forum for "relative humidity" without success. Here's my newbie question: Our cottage is located on the edge of a fairly large body of water (Lac des Deux-Montagnes, QC). Prevailing winds are from the lake to the land. Therefore, relative humidity is usually "fairly...
  3. sksmass

    Are my headaches caused by my pellet stove?

    I have a Quad classic bay pellet stove in a finished basement TV room. If I spend too much time there at night I often wake up with a headache. Is it possible that the stove is creating such a dry environment that I am essentially getting a dehydration headache, almost like a hangover? Anyone...