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  1. Beamerz

    Looking to power my Blower on Napoleon 1100 C during power outages

    Hi, I've got a Napoleon 1100 in my small house with a blower that is needed to heat as this stove is shielded all the way around. I'm open to any ideas or tried and true methods but I'm thinking of an inverter with a deep cycle battery? Here is a picture of a replacement fan for this stove ...
  2. D

    1,000/800-Watt Inverter Portable Gasoline Generator, GEN1000I $170 Seems like great price and good backup to my Pellet Stove (Have Inverter/Batteries for 12 hours)
  3. J

    Castle Serenity backup power

    Wanted to see if anyone has expierence using a battery backup system. I was interested in the Sire Fire 512, but was told by manufacturer that it won’t work. Looking for uninterrupted power. Can’t anything out there are anybody that has a system for this stove. Any info would help. Thanks.
  4. D

    Real World Battery Backup Harmon XXV

    Had our power go off yesterday at appx 3pm - 11pm. I have AIMS 1250 Charger/Inverter hooked to 100ah Battery. Started beeping at 6 hours. I switched to smaller battery (30ah Battery to start generator). That ran until I switched the stove off after 90 minutes of run time (still going...
  5. D

    Real World Test of Inverter and 100AH Batter w/Harmon XXV

    Aims 1250 Inverter by Dataman posted Sep 17, 2018 at 4:03 PMI put the Inverter to the Test Today. Aims 1250 Watt 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger PICOGLF12W12V120AL Temps: 19f Start and 31F End Harmon XXV Set to Manual Distribution Fan set to Medium 6am - 12:50 voltage - Note: Under...
  6. D

    Real World 4 Hour Test of Inverter

    Did my 1st real world test of my Backup Inverter today (Sep 24, 64f outside). Stove draws about 102 watts on Medium Speed. 1.02 Amps. Test done to see if this battery is any good and provides power. Inverter will draw it down to Low "battery alarm: 10.5 Vdc-11.0 VDC" On the Surface it...
  7. 4UGod

    My Backup Power Inverter Setup For My Harman

    Hello sirs! I have seen a lot of threads with people asking about what inverter to get for a power outage or what size battery etc... but it's hard to find people to share actual results after receiving advice here on the forums, so I thought I'd share my setup. I hope someone may find some of...
  8. Eric Johnson

    Power Inverter Question

    All this weird weather has me worried about the reliability of the local power grid, which has never let me down. However, if the power does fail in the middle of an ice storm, my boiler is going to overheat. I've avoided addressing this problem for years, and been lucky. I think it's time to be...