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    Pacific Energy Vista (general questions)

    hi everyone, I have a P.E. Vista 30 and I’m having issues with my temperature controlled blower which it came with. Basically my stove can be full burn for hours and the blower would turn off. Meaning the thermostat control wasn’t recognizing the amount of heat. Does any one have experience...
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    HELP- Room not getting warmed.

    Howdy Y’all, I’ve posted here a few times along my journey from shopping for stoves, to installing, to gathering wood. Now I’m in the actual operating phase and I’m running into problems... I live in a 1500 sqft cape cod in VA and my insert (century CW2900) is located on the first floor in the...
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    Need Help! I am stuck in smokes!

    Hi, I am new to wood stoves, so I am reaching out to the experts for help. I recently purchased Woodstock Soapstone Absolute Steel stove. Unfortunately the stove / setup is not working well and I do not know what the issue is... The issue: When I try to burn paper in the stove, it burns well...