jotel f55

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  1. JRitz187

    Jotul F55V2 - Fire box brick layout

    Does anyone have a brick layout for the jotul F55V2? The pallet came apart when I was unloading from the trailer and it tipped and the bricks got all mixed up. No damage to me or the stove, thank god. I also noticed these two small metal rods in the firebox after I took the bricks out, any idea...
  2. Jotel me this

    Extend burn time? 100%=burn too quick/20%=smolder

    Are you supposed to see a constant flame even if its tiny? After i stuff it full with wood, with the air vent open 100% it burns nice and bright and hot... but FAST.. ..not lasting more than maybe 1-2 hours (top picture) With the air vent at ~20% it smolders (bottom picture..seconds later the...
  3. Jotel me this

    Use pellets in my Jotel F55?

    Hello. So the F55 Carrabassett, non-catalytic stove burns quiet efficiently using secondary combustion (burning the gasses up top).. and my question is.. can I use pellets in this stove if I buy a proper pellet tray? What might be the negative consequences of using pellets in the F55? I...