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    USSC King Overflows - Solved!

    TL;DR There's a redesigned burn pot for USSC stoves that solves pellet buildup. Search the web for "king burn pot", and get the one with the slot cut in the front. (Models: 5510, 5500M, 5502M, 5500XL, 5500XLT) Problem: Pellet Buildup I've been fighting pellet buildup in my USSC 5510 for a year...
  2. C

    King 632

    Hello, I have a King 632 wood stove that came with my house. I am considering whether to derust/reseal and place back in service or purchase a new stove. It seems to be in fine condition aside from the rust, no deterioration of the metal. My question is in regards to sealing. I do not believe it...
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    PLEASE HELP - King 5500m Error 5!?!?!

    Hello everyone, I recently got a King 5500m for my pole barn/gym. I have a furnace out there that'll get it up to temp but the King 5500m is out there to maintain the temp once it's there (it's a TON cheaper than propane). I got it and it was very dirty/used. I cleaned everything up (watched...
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    US stove and King 5500 owners, pellet saving tip

    Hello folks, new around here, and my first season as a basement dweller. Just wanted to share a tip I found for the 5500 owners out there that seems to have been skipped in the manual. On the control board if you hold the AUX up and Heat Range up buttons simultaneously you can adjust the...