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  1. F

    M55C FPI Daughter Board Replacement

    I have a problem with my Enviro M55C - FPI pellet stove insert. I can’t get to the daughter board to replace it because the hopper surround is riveted. Did anyone ever figure out how to remove the rivets without damaging anything so you can replace the daughter board? Or is there any other way...
  2. R

    Environ M55CI Question

    Greetings. I have a nine-year-old Enviro M55CI that was not installed properly by the dealer back in the day. The stove has always had some quirks that I attributed to the faulty installation. I have had the stove removed and reinstalled by a very competent journeyman fireplace mechanic, and...
  3. K

    Introduction...New Pellet Stove User(soon to be)

    Hi everyone I would like to introduce myself to this awesome forum website. My name is Kevin, from Long Island, NY(Lake Grove area) and I have been perusing and trolling around the past few weeks trying to gather up as much info as possible as I await the install of an Enviro M55 Insert on...
  4. L

    Enviro m55 vs Lopi AGP pellet inserts

    please help. I’m not sure what pellet stove to buy, either the m55 or Lopi AGP. The store near me said the AGP is a better unit by far, but the M55 is more my style. Any ideas or alternatives? Thank you
  5. M

    M55 auger squeak

    Hello, first time poster here. I bought an Enviro M55 3 years ago and it has overall been a great stove. I recently replaced the convection fan as the bearings were shot and made too much noise. Naturally now that the fan is quiet again the auger makes an awful squeal. I don't know where it...
  6. B

    M55c question and sky touch

    First year www to the M55c and we like it. We run on hi/low with sky touch 3301 amid try to set and forget it. I have two questions... I've been cleaning every 3-4 days burning okie firs and it seems fine, but should I be dumping the burn pot more frequently? Today I noticed significant build...