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    Hearthstone Mansfield baffle replacement

    I know this has been talked about before but not for a while. I have a Mansfield 8011 model. I'm trying to replace the baffle and the blanket on top of the baffle. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to do this bc YouTube has nothing about this model and it needs replacing at this point...
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    Hearthstone Mansfield baffle support position

    I can't get my baffle support to sit upright, as the parts dialogue displays. As my photos 1-3 show, it flops down flat, essentially enveloping my front secondary tube. I've sat it in an 'upside down T' shape on top of the front baffle, but it still falls down. As photos 4 & 5 show, i moved it...
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    Hearthstone Mansfield 8011

    How exactly do I position the t-shaped front baffle support? I'm new to this stove and would appreciate any tips and insights regarding this, and possibly anything else veteran users might think I need to know. Thanks.
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    Cleaning Hearthstone Mansfield air passages

    The main air injection point for a Hearthstone Mansfield is in a bump in the middle front of the stove. I believe that I have quite a bit of ash in that airway, and want to know the best procedure for ensuring that it is properly cleaned. The Hearthstone manual is silent about this. Anyone...