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  1. H

    Annoying noise from Piazzetta Monia Pellet Stove

    Hi. I have an 8 year old Piazzetta Monia and it’s making a weird noise during startup and for about 10 minutes after. Almost a squealing noise like air is being sucked in or something. Thanks for any advice.
  2. Niel

    New Monia: No response on temperature control

    Hey folks, I just installed my brand new Monia. I bought it from a web shop, it came from their show room. The store is not close by, unforunately and said is not possible to have a troubleshoot on location. Luckily i found tis forum with some stove engineers on, maybe anyone can help me out...
  3. B

    Piazzetta Monia - Sooty Burning

    We've had our Piazzetta Monia for four years and the previous owner of the house used it for two prior to that. It's always been a reliable performer and keeps most of our house nice and toasty. Recently, when we noticed that we were getting some soot on the glass, we figured it was time to do...
  4. S

    How to clean grate and ash tray every day, while also keeping the house warm?

    Hi all! I love our pellet stove. But I really don't understand to clean the grate and ash tray every day AND keep the house warm. How long is it supposed to take for the stove to cool completely? I have left the stove off for FOUR HOURS, and there are STILL tons of embers to deal with when I...
  5. L

    Piazzetta/ pellet woes

    i got my first pellet stove (a Piazzetta monia) this past fall and I am full of questions and concerns. (I am inserting this paragraph to cut to the chase. Read below this one to get the long, drawn out story.). I’d like to burn hardwood pellets, as the softwood ones I’ve tried have triggered...
  6. H

    Piazzetta Monia. Loud Auger ?

    Hi I have had a Piazzetta Monia pellet stove for 4 months now and I am finding the auger to be very loud. Like a loud buzzing sound, you can hear it in this video I recorded with my iPhone. Does anyone own one to compare the noise. Seems almost like a buzzing rattle. Thanks