Piazzetta Monia. Loud Auger ?

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Heat me

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Jan 15, 2016
Muskoka Ontario Canada

I have had a Piazzetta Monia pellet stove for 4 months now and I am finding the auger to be very loud. Like a loud buzzing sound, you can hear it in this video I recorded with my iPhone.

Does anyone own one to compare the noise.
Seems almost like a buzzing rattle.


Lake Girl

Nov 12, 2011
NW Ontario
Welcome to the forum! Moved your thread to the proper section. There is a section on the Piazzetta stoves at the top of the first page of the Pellet Mill that provides set-up info from Pascal. He usually does check in during the week ... he's a dealer/tech from Quebec who was sent for a training session at corporate headquarters.

Here's the link to his recommendations on set-up. https://www.hearth.com/talk/threads/piazzetta-pellets-stove-a-to-z-recommendations.147362/

Hoping it is nothing serious ... Have you emptied hopper, vacuumed fines out auger flight and sprayed with dry moly?


Jun 26, 2014
Pasadena, NL, Canada
It sounds like the rear of the auger motor touching the metal sheet on the back of the stove. There should be a section of the metal partially cut away and bent outwards for room for the auger motor. Maybe that metal "flap" got bent/pushed back in on the auger motor....
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