mount vernon 4 speed

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    Mount Vernon 4 speed convection blower

    Last year convection blower/room blower on my mount Vernon 4 speed started squeaking. Put some grease on it and it’s been fine and still is as far as noise but now I have another issue. Recently the convection blower will turn on and off multiple times on startup and sometimes it will just turn...
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    Mount Vernon Quadfire Stove Problem

    1) The auger motor quit running. I tested the motor its fine. I jumped the vacuum switch, fine, tested snap disk #2, fine, replaced anyhow so I decided it was the control box. I replaced that still no auger.If I put the control box to test mode everything tests fine, both fans, auger motor and...
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    Mount Vernon 4 speed miss starts???

    I have looked through other threads and can't find this exact problem. I have a Mount Vernon 4 speed (non ae) that I've been having an intermediate problem with for a while. On start up, doesn't matter if it's hot or cold, the exhaust fan starts up, the stove drops pellets for 60 seconds and...