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  1. agbegin

    Newbie looking to buy my first wood stove. Have a few (many) questions

    Hi all, am new here. Have been googling for weeks to no avail on some of my questions, and after pouring over a bunch of threads, feel like I could fare much better engaging with the community here. I have a 1960s house, 2200 sq ft, in New England. I just sold off the pellet stove insert that...
  2. M

    New to fire with a Newmac BCO-160!

    Hi all! I'm really excited to have found this forum. My wife and I recently moved to the Upper Valley in New Hampshire and closed on a house with a Newmac BCO-160. The furnace heats the whole house via radiant floors and heats the hot water for the home. We have a full oil tank, but it seems...
  3. C

    Finishing and insulating farm shop, looking for a suitable stove.

    I have a 40x60 shop with 13 ft walls that i am finishing the interior on. For this post, I am running under the assumption that insurance is fine with a wood stove being installed for heat.( I will make sure being i purchase anything) I do not plan on running the stove full time, but do want...