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    Clearances for non-combustible assembly

    I'm considering installing an uncertified freestanding wood stove into an outbuilding (formerly a garage, but the garage door has been removed and it is no longer possible to get a vehicle inside) on my property here in Guelph, Ontario. The building is a single story CMU structure on a concrete...
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    Reducing a Firebox Opening

    How do I install and support 12in x24in tiles “across” a firebox opening? Not over the top of the opening, but literally across the opening? I tore out the brick veneer & hearth extension from my 100% masonry, site-built fireplace. I left the firebox, chimney flue etc & hope to go back w...
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    Confused about non combustible wall construction.

    I have been reading through this forum looking for advice on how to build non combustible wall protection. I have a few questions I am still not sure about. I had two ideas in mind, one is steel studs placed horizontal faced with 1/2 inch cement board then another layer of vertical studs and...