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  1. Feldzpar

    Secure Through Wall Chimney Offset - Duraplus

    Thanks for the great website and forum everyone! It's been tons of help. My question: How do people secure an offset with a through the wall chimney installation? The DuraPlus instructions apply only to a through the attic installation, not the through the wall installation. They say "Secure...
  2. wilderness88

    Clay tile flue with big offsets - can I chip them?

    Hey team, This is my first post on the forum, and I'm excited to see if I get some answers. I've got a 5" SS liner that I can't fit down my existing clay tile liner in my chimney. The interior dimensions of the clay liner are 5.5" x 5.5", and some of the clay tiles are offset by a bit...
  3. P

    Help! Can’t get liner down.

    So I’ve really messed up. I have a 30’ chimney with 8x12 flue tiles, and desperately want a wood stove in my fireplace. The chimney has never burned wood (old gas heater was used), and the tiles are in perfect shape. Trouble is, there’s an offset and I absolutely can’t get a 6” liner down. Now...
  4. A

    Wood insert install with offset box

    I got an older Regency r14 from a neighbor and it needs an offset box so the output can make it straight into the chimney. I was wondering if there was any advise on using an offset box? Particularly if I definitely need any additional parts to install it. I read something about needing high...