old fireplace

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  1. ISimion

    Can anyone please help in identifying this Jøtul?

    Hi, I have this beautiful Jøtul (see pictures attached). However, all I can identify written on it are its place of fabrication (Norway), the serial number KAT NR 101856, the model I think is PEIS I8 DEL 22, and what I think to be the fabrication date 12-8-85. Can anyone confirm this for me...
  2. Q

    Old decrepit fireplace(s); Want to Replace w/ Freestanding Wood Stoves

    Hello all, First post - long time lurker! I have done my best to research my question. @msb91932 seems to have a similar situation in replacing the fireplace with a wood stove installed inside of it. But in reading this forum and others, and talking to multiple install companies, I have been...
  3. W

    What’s this in my basement?!

    Hi, I have what looks like a fireplace in my basement. What do you think? The house was built in 1848 from hemlock timbers and constructed using mortise and tenon joints in western NY. Was this a summer kitchen? It seems to be partially under what is now a staircase- there is no chimney, and...