osburn 2000

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  1. E

    Stove Size Question

    Hey all, I live in central NH and we’ll be putting in a wood burning fireplace insert in this year. It will be to supplement radiant floor heat on the main level and forced hot water baseboard on the second level. It won’t be the primary heat source (unless oil goes up to $10 a gallon this...
  2. F

    Osburn 2000 vs Pacific Energy Super 27 / Classic

    Hello, My wife and I are looking to put a wood stove in our finished basement. We live in a bungalow approximately 1800 square feet. We currently have a centrally ducted heat pump but in the winter times the basement is still quite cold especially around the floor as the The main purpose is to...
  3. ryanmoore

    New Osburn 2000 Install

    Hi all, long time reader - first time poster here! I'm Ryan. My wife and I pulled the trigger and finally purchased an insert. We had it installed this week and have just started the break-in process. So far we love it! I learned a ton of information from this website before we even starting...