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    Astria Aries35ren gas fireplace overheating and melting ac adpater and battery pack

    Hello, we have an Astria Aries 35ren gas fireplace. The area where the AC adapter plugs in is getting really hot and has melted an AC adapter and battery backup pack holder. I can hear the blower working, so I'm unsure why it's getting so hot. Ran it for a few minutes and the temp of the AC...
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    Thelin Providence HiTemp Light comes on almost immediately when set to Medium or High

    Hello, New here, and new to pellet stoves, but I was hoping someone experienced would be able to point me the right direction. We recently had a Thelin Providence insert installed by a local company. The insert is tucked away in an alcove off of the main rooms on the 1st floor. The issue we’re...
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    Stove burning too hot and fast

    mid last winter I got an Englands Stove to replace an undersized one I had in my house. This one is much better sized. It’s rated for 2400 sq ft, has about 6’ of single wall pipe, probably 24’ of triple wall on top of that in a straight shot up and out with a cap. About 12” above the stove I...