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    Breckwell Big E not feeding enough pellets

    I have a Breckwell P1000 Big E (possibly an older one since it doesn't have the removable ash pan, hopefully not a knockoff) that doesn't seem to be feeding enough pellets to maintain a flame. The auger seemed a little clogged up with dust so I cleaned it out and it spins freely now. The motor...
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    Could it be the Control Board? Inconsistencies in Pellet Feed on Englander 25PDVC-55SHP10

    For quite awhile, I was having trouble with my Auger Motor speeds, due to having incorrect motors. Finally got it swapped out & the stove was running like a CHARM for a solid month. Somewhere along the line, it started running hot again. This happened following a routine shutdown & cleaning. I...
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    Need Help

    My Auger has stopped feeding pellets and the agitator stirrer is not stirring - everything else seems to work fine, the auger is not obstructed , suggestions?
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    Englander 25-puf problem

    Hey! I’m brand spankin new to the world of pellet stoves and just rented a house with one. Worked great for a almost 2 full days then turned it up one notch (5 to 6) and it shut off about a half hour later because it had stopped feeding. I then took to YouTube and google and began trying...
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    Over flowing pellets

    I have a St. Croix Hastings Pellets stove which I have been happily using for around 9-10 years. Over time, I've learned to take it apart and clean it like a pro, which usually solves any problems. This season it's giving me a problem that I can't solve. When it starts up, it feeds way too...
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    Ravelli 2008 Monica ALO6

    We bought a home with a Ravelli Monica. It worked fine until bag 6 of the pellets and then we have been having trouble. We keep getting ALO6 and the combustion chamber fills with pellets. I have been told that the pellets are too long, so I went through them and broke up the long ones. I was...