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    Clinkers in pellet stove

    I have a Breckwell P2000i. I had a back burn last year and ever since I've been getting clinkers in my burn pot. I clean it every week and this week in particular it was very bad. I assume because we had a few days in the teens and had to turn the heat up. Could it be an airflow problem, like my...
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    Pellet Stove Insert Recommendations

    Hello! I'm trying to determine what pellet stove insert would be best to buy. I've done a lot of research and still feel lost! I live in a raised ranch that's 2300 sq ft in CT. In my 1st home I had a freestanding Breckwell P2700 pellet stove and I fell in love. So I'm used to the constant...
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    Replacing wood burning stove with pellet insert

    Hi all, have a place in the mountains with a an old wood burning stove from the late 70s/early 80s. Need to replace it with a pellet stove, this is what I'm working with currently: My plan was to tear out the old rock myself, put up some new concrete board & put ledger rock on the bottom...
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    Winslow PI40 will stop feeding pellets

    Hi all, I’ve seen some other PI40 threads on here that were similar (stove will ignite but will not stay lit) but in my case there are no red error code lights as described in the manual...